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Frustrated using unreliable suction cups or messy adhesives? Magnic 2 piece shower mirror mounts on your shower curtain. It won't fall and simple to use and adjust. Magnic Mirrors works anywhere theirs a shower curtain home, gym, college, travel. Get yours today.


Husband loves it-no fogging. Adheres to shower curtain w/o slippage. Well worth the money!

F. Owens

Perfect for your College bound students!

S. Page

Amazing product, one of a kind. After 6 months, still works like new"


Works as described! This way my boyfriend can face the lighting the the room when he's shaving, instead of a mirror that suctions on the wall (if you're lucky!)

S. Pakrul

I had a Magnic Mirror many a year ago. Some how, I didn't pack it in my recent move. Re-ordered it and am a Happy Camper again


The perfect mirror for the shower. I tried a different mirror with a suction cup mechanism first but it didn't stick permanently to travertine tile. I was worried this would fall off when moving the shower curtain back and forth. This mirror stays perfectly in place.

Tom McL

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